Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

CoralineTitle: Coraline
Author: Neil Gaiman
Source/Format: Borrowed from the Library, Hardback
More Details: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Publisher/Publication Date: HarperCollins, August 4, 2002

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Synopsis from Goodreads...

Coraline's often wondered what's behind the locked door in the drawing room. It reveals only a brick wall when she finally opens it, but when she tries again later, a passageway mysteriously appears. Coraline is surprised to find a flat decorated exactly like her own, but strangely different. And when she finds her "other" parents in this alternate world, they are much more interesting despite their creepy black button eyes. When they make it clear, however, that they want to make her theirs forever, Coraline begins a nightmarish game to rescue her real parents and three children imprisoned in a mirror. With only a bored-through stone and an aloof cat to help, Coraline confronts this harrowing task of escaping these monstrous creatures...
Coraline by Neil Gaiman was the second book I planned to read in October, the first was The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. I’ve seen the movie and I liked it, so it seems only fitting that I finally got around to reading the actual book. And I have to say that I really liked it. Coraline was a spooky kind of tale complete with ghosts, darkened/mysterious hallways, and more than a handful of creepy creatures—put together, it made for a quick and enjoyable read.

Coraline was just like any other child seeking the attention of her parents, though her efforts were often dismissed as she was repeatedly told to go do other things. So it was only expected that she would end up in some trouble. Coraline finds the other parents, but manages to keep a level head despite getting everything she ever wanted—attention, good food, and fun (a literal example of be careful what you wish for).The other mother was just plain-old creepy with her button eyes, everything she did was just ugh, no-no-no!

The plot moved along quickly as Coraline quickly discovers that all is not right with the other mother and father. Really, the setting played into the atmosphere of the story. The house, which was broken up into different flats, was more or less the perfect stage for the story. Oh, and before I finish this review I have one more thing to say. My favorite part would have to be the ending. It differed from the movie but I have to say that I liked the one in the actual book so much better.

 There are some other series by Neil Gaiman that I'm interested in, so maybe I'll get to them eventually. But for now, overall, there were many things I liked about Coraline.

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