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ARC Review: The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw by Christopher Healy

The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw (The League of Princes, #3)Title: The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw
Author: Christopher Healy
Source/ Format: Won, Bound ARC
Age Range: Middle Grade
Publisher/Publication Date: Walden Pond Press, April 29, 2014

My Thoughts:    

     This must be the year of amazing trilogy enders, because The Hero’s Guide to Begin an Outlaw by Christopher Healy, was the perfect way for the epic middle grade series to end. All of my favorite characters were back and better than ever, as they raced against time to stop their kingdoms from being destroyed by a foe that was more known than not.

     The League of Princes is back at it again after the Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle, with things not quite how they thought they left them. Liam, Fredric, Gustav, and Duncan once again set out to save their kingdoms, as a threat they thought they defeated comes right back and stronger than ever. At times their situations were ugly and I just didn’t know if they would manage to get out of them, but nevertheless, their antics, plans, and mishaps were as hilariously refreshing as they always were. But Being an Outlaw wasn’t only about the princes and their quests, but the princess’s also got some attention. I liked how they banded together to try and save the day, ultimately forming the Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters. Val was also a nice addition to the series, and overall I liked her as a character.

     Ok, now the plot. It. Was. Awesome! I love it when a book manages to keep me entertained with the right mix of humor, emotion, and action sequences. And the Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw was in no shortage of any of it. The book had the right blend of everything that I think will grasp the attention of middle-grade readers who are fans of adventure novels with new twists on the classic tales we all know so well. So to be honest I can’t see myself giving the final book in The League of Princes trilogy anything other than five birdcages. All in all, it was a wonderful finish to an already humorous, adventure series.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Release Day Launch: Descent by Kallie Ross

Descent RDL Banner  
We are extremely excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Kallie Ross' Descent!! Descent is a young adult fantasy adventure that is out today!! So below you will find more about the books & you can read the first 5 chapters, and at the very bottom of the post you'll find a giveaway you're going to want to enter. So, go forth, scroll away!

  Descent Cover   


 Seventeen year old Ollie Miller is ready to leave all of her hurt feelings behind, but moving on seems impossible while living next door to her ex-best friend, Mateo. When curious earthquakes begin to shake and rip open the foundation of her small town, the ground becomes as unsteady as her feelings for him. When they fall, they fall hard… Ollie’s disastrous attempt to save Mateo’s brother from falling into a curious chasm results in their descent into a cavernous wonderland. Ollie, Mateo, Jesse, and Alexis search for a way back home, and encounter a mysterious tribe of natives. Gabriel, the next in line to lead his people, is granted permission to guide them to the surface. On their treacherous journey, an overzealous elder threatens all of their lives, because he can’t risk them exposing his people, or the power he wields. The group discovers ancient secrets, unexpected truths, and uncharted feelings. Ollie must find a way out or risk being stuck in the caves forever—or worse, dead.

“Descent is a gripping debut that takes you on a roller coaster - a page turner that has you asking - what happens next. I loved every single word of it.” 

Descent Teaser
Descent Teaser 2

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Descent (Chapters 1-5) by Kallie Ross

 Author Photo

About Kallie Ross: Over time my love for learning gravitated toward studying conspiracy theories and contradictions in our culture. My conclusions have ignited a passion to write compelling young adult fiction that incorporates legend, conjecture, fantasy, and conviction. I love being a wife, mother, friend, writer, and teacher. I began teaching high school English in 2002 and started blogging and podcasting in 2008. I have a brilliant husband, two redheads, and never imagined my life would ever be this fun!    

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Ok, so now onto the giveaway.  Below you can enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card or a $25 gift card. Awesome, right?  Now getting to the point, go forth and enter!

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Release Day launch & Giveaway: Lux Beginnings & Consequences

LUX Special edition RDL Banner
     It's here! Today is the day you can get the beautiful new bindups of Jennifer L. Armentrout's LUX Series! Are you as excited as we are? Doesn't it look amazing? You don't want to miss these or the bonus content included in each bindup! We have all the information for you below, and a fabulous giveaway at the end of the post. So make sure you check it all out and enter for your chance to win!

LUX: Beginnings

LUX: Consequences

Lux Series

ABOUT LUX: Beginnings: 

     Now available together for the first time, don't miss Obsidian and Onyx, the first two books in Jennifer L. Armentrout's bestselling Lux series. Also includes bonus content exclusive to the print edition! "A thrilling ride from start to finish," says RT Book Reviews. Starting over sucks. When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I’d pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring…. until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up. And then he opened his mouth. Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something…unexpected happens. The hot alien living next door marks me. You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon’s touch has me lit up like the Vegas Strip. The only way I’m getting out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades. If I don’t kill him first, that is.

ABOUT LUX: Consequences:

     Now available together for the first time, don't miss Opal and Origin, the third and fourth books in Jennifer L. Armentrout's bestselling Lux series. Also includes bonus content exclusive to the print edition! "A thrilling ride from start to finish," says RT Book Reviews. No one is like Daemon Black. When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well... There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on. But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love. After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever. Together we’re stronger...and they know it.


OPPOSITION Comes out August 5th! Pre-Order It Now!

Author-photoAbout Jennifer L. Armentrout: # 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

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Ok now lets move on to the giveaway. Below you can enter for a chance to win a Hardcover set of Lux: Beginnings & Consequences on the Rafflecopter form below. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and enter!

Monday, May 26, 2014

TV Show Review: Disney Channel's New Comedy Series, Girl Meets World

First Check Out the Trailer!!!

My Thoughts

In this fast paced society, it is nice that Disney is producing shows filled with laughable moments and great messages that facilitate discussions between parents and children.

One such show is Girl Meets World, which is set to air June 27, 2014. My daughter and I had the opportunity to attend a live taping on May 15, 2014. And let me tell you….Boy Meets World fans this is a great spin off from the original series with Cory (Ben Savage) & Topanga (Danielle Fishel). Now, Cory and Topanga are all grown up and they experience the joy of parenting as their daughter, Riley (Rowan Blanchard), seeks to define her identity. There are lessons to be learned along the way as Riley begins to discover the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and being true to oneself.  And hey kids—there are even some teachable moments for parents as Cory has over-the-top reactions to his daughter’s quest to grow up—um, reflection time.  

My daughter loved being part of the live studio audience. Although, she wasn’t familiar with Boy Meets World, she loved this show and is looking forward to watching the series. In her words, “The experience was awesome. I loved learning about what happens behind the scenes. I really liked Robert and the DJ, they made it fun. I just can’t wait to see Girl Meets World on TV!”

So if my daughter likes it, I must say that this series definitely appears promising. Now, if you are curious and want to get a sneak peak at the premiere, it’s available now on the WATCH Disney app

Friday, May 23, 2014

ARC Review: The Warrior by Victoria Scott

The Warrior (Dante Walker, #3)Title: The Warrior
Author: Victoria Scott
Age Range: YA
Source/ Format: Publisher, E-ARC
Publisher/ Publication Date: Entangled Teen, May 6, 2014
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Summary From Goodreads

War between heaven and hell is coming, but Dante Walker makes it look damn good.
Dante’s girlfriend, Charlie, is fated to save the world. And Aspen, the girl who feels like a sister, is an ordained soldier. In order to help both fulfill their destiny and win the war, Dante must complete liberator training at the Hive, rescue Aspen from hell, and uncover a message hidden on an ancient scroll. Read More Here

My Thoughts    

     All good things must come to an end and the same can be said for the Collector Series, which is coming to an end with the final installment, The Warrior. Dante Walker is back again with his usual wit and charm, and the compassion that’s always present for his girlfriend, Charlie. As far as finals in a trilogy go, The Warrior is one of my favorites. It was full of action, sadness, loss, and happiness with an outcome that left me nearly breathless.

     The Warrior basically picks up where The Liberator left off, as the final battle between the sides is drawing near. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the characters and the developing—and the few—dissolving relationships that happened throughout the book. I also liked seeing Dante Walker change so much. His development as a character was awesome, and Charlie was right along with him. Everyone changed a little bit, it just depended on if that change was good or bad, and I liked not knowing who was to be trusted and who wasn’t—it just made the book that much better. The other secondary characters were great as always, with each one having a different story to tell, which contributed nicely to the overall execution of the book.

     As far as the overall plot I have to say that I love it when I think a series has shown its all, but then turns right around and still has a few surprises left lurking around. With The Warrior, I thought I had just about everything figured out—I thought I knew who was who and what side they were on—but nope. The twists and turns were marvelous and kept me reading till the very end. All in all The Warrior was a fantastic finish to an already delightful series. While I am sad that The Collector Trilogy is over at the very least I have Salt & Stone to look forward to.

   This ARC was provided by the publisher (Entangled Teen) in exchange for an honest review, thank you!

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