Our Thoughts Precisely is a book blog run by Andrea, Breana, and Adri. We got our start back at the beginning of 2013 when Our Thoughts Precisely was still a nameless idea. We wanted to share our thoughts about the books we read. At first, we posted reviews to Goodreads and retailer websites, but we also wanted a space of our own, one we designed and were in more control of. Hence, Our Thoughts Precisely....

In which we get technical with some basic facts about the blog…

• All comments are subject to moderation, and will be visible after approval. So don’t worry if your comment doesn’t immediately show up. Odds are, we’ll see it soon and approve it.

• Our rating scale is birdcages with the highest being 5 and the lowest being DNF.

• The artwork tailored for Our Thoughts Precisely is created by Breana M., and includes the header, background, and graphics specific to the blog. We ask that you don’t copy or repost any of our designs. Even if you ask, odds are we’ll say no with very few exceptions, if any at all.

• Written content (reviews) can be quoted but in no way copied in full and reposted on another blog, website, or by anyone who isn’t associated with Our Thoughts Precisely, unless done by a blog administrator, prior agreement with a publisher, or with permission.

The rating system used on the blog...

  • 5 Birdcages (I absolutely loved it! I would recommend it to everyone!)
  • 4 Birdcages (I really like it. I recommend it.)
  • 3 Birdcages (I like it. I might recommend it.)
  • 2 Birdcages (It was ok.)
  • 1 Birdcage (It wasn’t my cup of tea)
  • Red Birdcage DNF (Did not finish)

{Last Updated July 7, 2017}

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