Our Thoughts Precisely is a YA/MG book review blog run by Breana M. & Andrea M. As stated before, we're really in it to have fun.  *All comments will be subject to moderation, and we reserve the right to remove comments that we deem inappropriate. *Unless otherwise stated, all blog graphics you see floating around Our Thoughts Precisely are designed by Breana M. so you know, don't copy them because it would be kind of rude. The rating system on Our Thoughts Precisely will be shown with a graphic that goes along with one of the following:

5 Birdcages (I absolutely loved it! I would recommend it to everyone!)

4 Birdcages (I really like it. I recommend it.)

3 Birdcages (I like it. I might recommend it.)

2 Birdcages (It was ok.)

1 Birdcage (It wasn’t my cup of tea)

DNF (Did not finish)

{Last Updated March 15, 2015}
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