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Monday, November 16, 2015

ARC Review: The Game of Lives by James Dashner

The Game of Lives (The Mortality Doctrine, #3)Title: The Game of Lives
Author: James Dashner
Source/Format: First In Line (won), Bound ARC
More Details: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Publisher/Publication Date: Delacorte Press, November 17, 2015

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Synopsis from Goodreads...

Michael used to live to game, but the games he was playing have become all too real. Only weeks ago, sinking into the Sleep was fun. The VirtNet combined the most cutting-edge technology and the most sophisticated gaming for a full mind-body experience. And it was Michael’s passion. But now every time Michael sinks, he risks his life. The games are over. The VirtNet has become a world of deadly consequences, and Kaine grows stronger by the day. The Mortality Doctrine—Kaine’s master plan—has nearly been realized, and little by little the line separating the virtual from the real is blurring. If Kaine succeeds, it will mean worldwide cyber domination. And it looks like Michael and his friends are the only ones who can put the monster back in the box—if Michael can figure out who his friends really are...
The game isn’t just a game when it crosses over into reality…

Oh man, the VirtNet with its full-experience virtual reality, sheesh, so much happened. There were so many changes that seemed to happen at once. It was kind of awesome.

The Game of Lives was truly a fitting title for this book, because, well, there were a lot of lives at stake on a mass scale. All of the little plot points from The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts  came together in a book that I found to be a good ending to the trilogy.

Suffice to say, I finally got my answers.

Once again, this book picks up right where the last one ended with Michael and his friends caught up in the issue surrounding the VirtNet, which had spilled over into the real world. These events were less than quiet, and had a pretty big impact on the story. I had my suspicions about a few of the characters—just based off of what happened in The Rule of Thoughts—and I had a few things right, but not the entire picture. In that aspect, the villains were written pretty well. Considering the themes throughout the trilogy, the motivation behind their actions fit with the story overall.

So, yeah, the plot was pretty exciting. The Mortality Doctrine was something I consistently had some questions about and I got those answers though it wasn’t what I expected. The idea behind it was pretty interesting.

The ending was nice. The resolution was a little quick but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. I’m still not sure if the Maze Runner would be my kind of series, but honestly I enjoyed The Mortality Doctrine Trilogy. It had some faults along the way, but overall the conclusion was great and I liked the trilogy as a whole.

This copy of the book was provided by First In Line (publisher) for this review, thank you!

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