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Monday, May 23, 2016

My Thoughts: Brain Freeze Journal by Potter

Title: Brain Freeze Journal 
By: Potter
Source/Format: Blogging for Books, Review Copy
Publisher/Publication Date: Potter, May 10, 2016
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This blank journal features a soft cover that mimics the chocolate cookie of an ice cream sandwich as well as dyed page edges and an exposed spine to complete the look of the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry goodness of an ice cream sandwich. The interiors feature strawberry- and chocolate-colored lined pages. To complete the package, the words BRAIN FREEZE are stamped in gold foil on the cover...
Today, I'm going to be sharing my thoughts for this ice cream themed journal I received for review. This review is going to be a little different because this isn't a work of fiction. Basically, I'm just going to talk about how much I like the journal, stuff like that, and I'm going to break it down into sections to keep my thoughts a little more organized. Lets get started...

Initial Thoughts…

This journal is very cute. The look and size are perfect, and it really does resemble an ice cream sandwich. I didn’t photograph the sides, but the pages are actually brown white and pink to match the colors of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream.

The Cover…

The cover is described as being soft, and I have to say that the texture is as promised. It is soft but solid, and really does resemble an ice cream sandwich. Another plus was the overall look of it. The left side of the binding is left open, leaving the pages exposed so the colors are consistent on each side. The size is smaller than a normal book and the height is about the length of my hand—so, it is pretty small. However, there are a lot of pages, and I feel like that compensates for the smaller size.

The Paper…

The paper doesn’t exactly match the picture above, because there aren’t any words on the side—but I never felt like that was necessary anyway. Another thing I like is the layout of the pages. The lines are colored according to the sides of the journal—the top is brown while the lower lines are pink. It doesn’t have that many lines, but the blank section in the middle of each page is perfect for doodling. Also, the paper is considerably thick and does pretty well with ink.

Final Thoughts…

I didn’t expect to like this journal as much as I do, but it’s really great. The look and style are fun, and the textured cover is an added bonus to the already whimsical appearance.

This copy of the journal was provided by Blogging for Books (publisher) for this review, thank you!
About the author...

POTTER, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, is a lifestyle gift imprint, specializing in design, health, humor, stationery, and other gift books and paper products.

Monday, December 30, 2013

End of the Year Post 2013 Edition

Blogging made me realize some things…

     Well would you look at that, 2013 is all but over already.  It’s been a blast doing the blog this year, but I’ve come across a few things.  And for the most part, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t have figured these things out if I hadn’t started blogging.  I used to be one of those people who would buy anything, as long as the synopsis sounded good, and it had a nice cover.  Because I used to love reading, I really did.  But I can’t say I love it as much anymore. 

    As you can see things have been pretty slow around Our Thoughts Precisely as of late—*Cricket Chirping*—but it’s not without reason.  I really just haven’t found much that I actually wanted to read.  As far as 2013 has gone, it’s been a pretty dismal year on the book end for me.  I started getting so many bad books that it had gotten to the point where I didn’t even want to give any new authors a chance.  Many times I found myself questioning why I’m still blogging when all I felt like I was doing was wasting my time and sometimes my money.  

     Sometimes I’ve bought books thinking I’m getting one thing, and then when I actually get to the reading part, I find that the synopsis was misleading.  Book covers are book covers.  You can make it look as pretty as you want, but at the end of the day, it comes down to what’s inside of a book.  A book cover isn’t going to make me like a book, sorry.  Many times I’ve seen other bloggers/readers gush about a book, and I fully expect to love it too.  But that’s not the case.  And some of these books that I’m talking about never even made it to the review stage, and probably never will.

     Moving on, this year I found myself unwilling to promote certain books—I won’t name names.  And that was because of one thing.  It’s an issue with comfort, some things I’m just not comfortable reading, and never will be.  While things that bother me might not bother others, the blog is just an expression of our opinions, no one else’s.  But that being said we are not, in any way looking for books with the following content: child abuse, excessive drug/alcohol use, older men interested in underage girls/vice-versa, lack of consequences for actions, and woman being mistreated/ disrespected in ways that crossed—overshot it actually—the line of ok into straight vulgarity.  If the book has gone into that vulgar territory, then I’m not obligated to say a thing about it.  Because I won’t, and will not ever recommend something that I wouldn’t even show my own mother.  Oh, I forgot one on that list, too much sexual content, to the point where the plot suffers a great deal because of it.

     I want to read to be entertained, to be immersed in a world that I could get lost in.  I don’t want to feel frustrated at the end of a book because the shock value overshadowed the plot.  I would love to see more books with strong female leads who are independent, resilient, and don't need a boyfriend to justify their existence.  I just don’t want to feel like I want the hours I lost back. 

     Maybe 2014 will be better, or maybe it won’t.  No one can say for sure until the new batch of books start rolling in.  Needless to say, I’ve moved away from YA.  I’ve mostly been sticking with Middle Grade, or just General Fiction books.  I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t been finding the right books.  Was your year of books better than mine?  If you want, leave your answer in the comments.  Anyway, have a happy holiday’s everyone! 

*And hey, the Go-Go bar/brothel scenes do nothing for books, I’m just saying.
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