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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm Back + 2017 Blogging Resolutions

Well, I’m finally back and ready to start blogging again. It was kind of nice to take a break what with everything that’s been going on lately. 2016 is officially over and I’m praying for a better year. What I really want to tackle today are my Blogging Resolutions, because it’s that time again. Last year I set some simple goals for myself, and I mostly accomplished them. This year, I’m going to follow the same kind of theme and keep all of my blogging goals relatively simple and manageable. Of course, whether or not I actually accomplish these goals is left up to how 2017 goes for me.

  • #1  Expand the topics discussed on the blog.

I don’t want to limit this goal to just exploring the different genres. I’ve always been an avid comic/manga fan, and I would like to incorporate some of the other books I've read onto the blog as well, which is what I ultimately did with nonfiction. Occasionally, I also want to talk about some of the shows I watch. But again, this goal isn’t very specific, which is how I want to keep it. 

  • #2 Read more backlist books. 
I’ll still read the 2017 new releases that catch my interest, but I want to get to those books that I’ve wanted to read for a long time too.

  • #3 Read more classics. 
This is one goal I want to make progress on, because, no, I haven't read Pride and Prejudice or Fahrenheit 451 either. There are so many classics that I want to get to that reading more of them had to be one of my Blogging Resolutions.

  • #4 Post more discussion posts. 
I haven’t done many discussion posts, but I want to do more of them. It does take time to think of a topic worth discussing, and then finding the right words to convey that idea. So, like all my others goals, I won’t stress myself out if I can’t meet this one. 

  • #5 Take breaks as needed. 
Last year, I didn’t take as many breaks as I did in 2015. Breaks give me the time to recharge and come back to blogging with renewed enthusiasm. I don’t know when I’ll need them, but I want to take them whenever I don’t feel up to writing posts or reading. Like my other goals, this one also depends on how the year goes.
So, those are my 2017 blogging resolutions. Sometime soon, I’m going to share some of my highly anticipated 2017 releases. Happy reading!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 New Year Blogging Resolutions

Now that I’m completely done with 2015, it’s time to start looking forward to the year ahead and what kind of reading/blogging I want to do. So, today I want to talk about a few of my 2016 New Year Blogging Resolutions. It’s not going to be very different because I want to keep doing what’s been working for me, and try to be as consistent as possible with blogging/reading. I plan to try some different non-blogging activities this year, so I definitely want to make sure I have the time to actually do those things. Anyway, I’m going to get back to the subject of today’s post, my resolutions.
  1. Take breaks when needed. I think this is an important one. Taking breaks last year really helped me get out of the occasional reading slump.
  2. Try more authors that are unfamiliar to me. This worked well for me last year, and thanks to that I have a bunch of new favorites. I guess this one could count for also getting out of my comfort zone and trying books in different genres.
  3. Read more of the older books on my shelf. I have a bunch of books, many that I have read (years ago, before I started blogging) but just haven’t reviewed—kind of the beginning of my collection of books. They’ve just been sitting there collecting dust, and recently I went through them. I know I’ve read them, but I don’t really remember them too much about some of them. So, it would be kind of fun to go back and read them again.
  4. Avoid the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge. I don’t like to set a specific number, because I want to avoid putting pressure on myself. The number of books I read just depends on how many I get to.
Those are my resolutions. They’re simple enough, but who really knows how the year is going to go until it actually happens.
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