Monday, March 9, 2015

Musing Mondays (22)

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB(Jenn) at A Daily Rhythm, that asks you to muse about something book related each week.

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My Musings for the Week...

This week for Musing Monday's I'm going to share a few of the book trailers I've come across. I did a few posts like this last year as well (Part 1 & Part 2), and I thought I would do it again. I guess you could say that this is sort of like a part three to the other two. Basically, there's one trailer that I want to share. Lets get started.

The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other)The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other) by Geoff Rodkey This book releases April 7, 2015, but you can check out the website now: CLICK HERE 

Summary from Goodreads...

A contemporary comedy featuring twelve-year-old fraternal twins, Claudia and Reese, who couldn't be more different...except in their determination to come out on top in a vicious prank war! But when the competition escalates into an all-out battle that's fought from the cafeteria of their New York City private school all the way to the fictional universe of an online video game, the twins have to decide if their efforts to destroy each other are worth the price... 

So that's basically it.  Maybe I'll do another post later like this one later on, it just depends. 

What are you reading this week? Or, what are some of your favorite book trailers?


  1. Great trailers, Breana...thanks for sharing.


  2. I have to admit I'm not influenced as much by trailers for books as I am for other media.

  3. Love it. These would definitely make me more curious about picking up the book.

    The trailer for Unexpected Christmas Hero by Kathi Macias is one of my favorites.

    Hope you'll check out my musing today at

    1. I know, which is why I enjoy seeing different book trailers. Thanks for stopping by.


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