Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Tidbits {#3}: That Time There Was A Humming Bird

When I originally thought of doing some kind of occasional weekend post, I already knew that it wasn’t going to be a weekly thing. It’s going to be, as I said above, occasional. All this post is about is the things I’m currently doing or maybe even look forward to. And at the very end I’ll name a place that I wish was a book setting and my choice of tea for the day. (Links for Weekend Tidbits can be found on the Features Page.)
I actually didn’t post a review last week, but I do have a couple that I want to finish writing this weekend. However, I did start the week out with a post about DNFing books which you can view HERE. I do have a book about cookies to read and review so I’m looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. Also, the giveaway to win a copy of The Wrath and The Dawn is still going. If you want to enter CLICK HERE

In other news, there is a humming bird nesting right outside the window of my house. I knew there was a nest there and I’ve seen the bird, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally got a picture of it actually in the nest. And it happened to be raining too. The left photo is farther out, but the bird is just below the middle of the picture. And the right one is a closer photo of the bird & the nest.
Today’s location is Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland. Check out the Places I Wish Were Book Settings Pinterest board HERE to see today's place.
Today's choice is something that I haven't had in a while, and that is ginger. 

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