Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekend Tidbits {#7} What I've Baked Recently

I haven't done a Weekend Tidbits since last year, and I figured I might as well write up a short post since I want to talk about a recipe I tried out on Monday. I'll throw in some pictures below.
Since Monday was Memorial Day, I wanted to try out something I haven't done before as long as it wasn't too hard or time consuming. And I wasn’t finding what I was looking dormitory in my old stack of recipes—that's what the internet is for. I decided to try rough puff pastry again, since puff pastry takes so long to make from scratch. The first recipe I tried for rough puff pastry was at least a year ago and it turned out just alright. However, my internet search paid off, and I found another recipe that I ended up being happy with.

The pastry was light, flaky, and buttery, which is how it should be. It paired nicely with the left over strawberry pie filling I had sitting in my refrigerator.  I didn't do many changes since the recipe was already simple. I just cut the butter instead of grating it, and chilled the dough in the freezer to reduce the cooling time. You can check out the recipe here: Rough Puff PastrySuffice to say, I will definitely be making this pastry dough again.

My choice today is sugar cookie sleigh ride (the straggler tea left over from the holiday season). I'm trying to watch how much of this tea I drink, since it won't be available again till later this the year.

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