Monday, March 18, 2019

Upcoming Music I'm Waiting For + Recent Releases I'm Listening To...

One of the topics I wanted to talk about before it got too late into 2019, is some of the upcoming music I’m looking forward to. Of course, we’re 3 months into year, and I can’t forget about the recent releases. There have been a number of excellent albums and singles that are already available, and some of them—like Lizzo’s Juice—have me excited for albums releasing in the coming months. So, I went on a music listening binge to see what I could find....

Upcoming Albums…

Cuz I Love You by Lizzo (April 19, 2019): This is probably my most anticipated album of 2019, because I’ve been waiting for more new music by Lizzo. I’ve already gotten that with singles like Juice and Cuz I Love You, which are excellent and catchy songs. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I highly recommend that you do. They have me hyped to see what the rest of the album has to offer. Luckily, the wait won’t be too long, because Cuz I Love You will be out in April 2019, and I can’t wait to listen to it.

Legacy! Legacy! By Jamila Woods (May 10, 2019): Recently, I’ve been into music by Jamila Woods. I like what I’ve already heard, and I’m also a fan of how the music videos for Woods songs are filmed and edited. As such, I’m looking forward to Legacy! Legacy!.

TBA (To be announced) 

***This is the section for untiled or upcoming albums that don’t have a concrete release date. However, there’s no reason why I can’t get excited about them now.***

Adele: I’ve liked Adele’s music in the past and am looking forward to her next album.

Rhianna: I’m still over here waiting for the follow-up to Anti. And you know what? I will wait for as long as I have to. 

October 2018 – March 2019 Recent Releases 

Don’t Feed the Pop Monster by Broods (February 1, 2019): I’m more of a casual listener when it comes to music by Broods. I had my favorite songs. Still, I was looking forward to their new album: Don’t Feed the Pop Monster. I like it. It’s cohesive and interesting, and offers a good listening experience. Now, I want to go back and give their earlier music a serious listen.

Saturn by Nao (October 26, 2018): I continue to enjoy music by Nao, and, unfortunately, when Saturn came out, I completely missed it. I have since rectified that and, you guys, Saturn is so good. I don’t know what else to say about it, because there are so many excellent songs on the album like: the titular Saturn, the catchy beat and lyrics of Love Supreme, and the phenomenal songs Orbit, Drive and Disconnect, Curiosity, and many more. 

So, that’s about it for today. I know this list will change as the year goes on, and more stuff is announced. However, for now, that’s it. What music are you listening to? Or, what are some of the upcoming 2019 albums you’re looking forward to?

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