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Monday, April 29, 2013

Old Birdcages vs. New Birdcages

    Hey, you remember those pretty birdcages at the bottom of each review, right? Yeah, well, they've just been changed.  No, we haven't been taken over by aliens, it's just that as it stands I’ve gotten tired already of our old ratings.  Sure, the birdcages were elegant and relatively nice, but they’re a bit plain—so I decided to revamp them.  Of course, sticking with the whole silhouette theme for Our Thoughts Precisely, I needed to find something that would look good, as, well, a silhouette. I eventually came up with a tree, which the birdcages could hang from.  Low-and-behold, here is our rating system's new look:

All in all, I think they look pretty neat.  In other news, our Giveaway Policy page has finally been finished, and our Review Policy page has been updated. So, what do you think—old or new?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello from the Our Thoughts Precisely Team

      Hello and welcome to Our Thoughts Precisely, a site dedicated to just that, our thoughts on books.  On the blog, we’ll post reviews of books from YA and Middle-Grade genres.  But most importantly we’re in it to have fun while sharing our opinions. For more information regarding the blog, please visit our About, FTC, and Review Policy pages. 

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