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Monday, March 7, 2016

Musing Mondays (47) Random Weekly Questions & Short Stories

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Jenn at Books and a Beat, that asks you to muse about something book related each week.

**Quick note: Musing Mondays is still being hosted by Jenn, but not at A Daily Rhythm, instead, it's now over on Books and a Beat.**

My Musings for the Week...

Before I move on to my other musings for the week, I'm going to get caught up on some of the random weekly questions I missed...

From February 22: How do you choose which books you read?

I mostly pick books at random, which solely depends on what I want to read at the time. However, if I have books that I'm required to read like ARCs that I have a blog tour for, then I'm more likely to read those first--just to get them out of the way and have the post done early.

From February 29: What was the last book you didn’t finish? Why?

The Love that Split the World was a book that just didn't turn out to be for me. I was really disappointed. If you want to know my full thoughts, check out my review here: ARC Review: The Love that Split the World.

Other Musings...

Today, I want to talk about short stories. No, this won't be a post about some of my favorite ones. Although, I could have done that, only, I haven't read enough of them to give me a reason to write a full post about them, well, yet anyway. Instead, I want to talk about how the stories are being published.

Untamed (Splintered, #3.5)I don't know about anyone else, but I do like short stories when they're collected into just one edition--this is especially so when all the stories are by a single author (such as Untamed by A.G. Howard). For me, it's convenient, plus, I do enjoy paperbacks/hardcovers more than I do ebooks. So, really, this works out well for me.

Guys Read: Terrifying TalesOf course, I also enjoy anthologies like Guys Read: Terrifying Tales, because it gives me a chance to sample the writing styles of author's I'm unfamiliar with. Which is great, because if I like the stories enough, I'm more likely to be interested in potentially buying or checking out full length novels from my local library.

So, how do you feel about short stories being collected together in print format? Do you prefer having them in one print edition, or do you like to buy them separately as ebooks?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Discussion: Short Stories

I recently read Until Midnight by Melissa Landers, which got me thinking about short stories—you know the stories that are set between, before, or after the novels and are generally a cheaper way for readers to get introduced to a writer’s work.

Given the chance to read a short story before you read the novel, would you?

Some short stories—especially the ones that are set after a novel—can contain spoilers. That’s a given. But I don’t particularly mind them as long as they’re not too big of a spoiler. As you can see from my review of Until Midnight by Melissa Landers I read it before the novel, which I don’t even have. Yet, there was one good thing about doing so, it gave me a chance to get introduced to the writer’s style and the story to see if I would even be interested in picking up Alienated. Since the short story got my interest, I’m now curious to see where it all began. Sure, there were a few things that could have been spoilers, but I don’t particularly feel like I know the entire story leading up to Until Midnight.

So, I guess my answer would be yes. I would buy/read the short story before I bought a novel by an author I’m unfamiliar with. That method might not be for everyone, but I find that it generally works for me.

Question: What are your thoughts on short stories?
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