Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)

Title: Pivot Point (Click link for synopsis)
Author: Kasie West
Age Range: YA
Source/Format: Borrowed From Library, Hardback
Publisher/Publication Date Harper Teen/ February 12, 2013

My Thoughts:  
       As we go through life, we all have to make decisions in which we have to contemplate which choice will have the better outcome. Now just imagine if you had the power of divergence that allows you to have insight regarding the outcome of each choice. Would you make the decision that was most beneficial to you personally or those around you? In Pivot Point by Kasie West, Addison Coleman (Addie), who has the power of divergence, is faced with a major life decision. She must decide whether she wants to remain in the paranormal community with her mother or relocate to a norm community with her father after her parents get a divorce. So she uses her power to examine what each path has to offer. 
       The plot was well developed as West presents Addie’s life in a paranormal versus normal society.  The twists in the plot never ceased and at times I was unsure of what decision Addie should make. Addie had a love interest in each society. First, there was Trevor who was such an amiable character that I wanted to be on Team Norm. Then there was Duke who seemed a little self-centered, but could be just as charming, so I also wanted to root for Team Paranormal. It was hard to decide because I just couldn’t get the following statement by Mrs. Stockbridge, Addie’s teacher, out of my mind: “Sometimes perfection reveals the lie, Addie, not the truth” (57). Addie’s love interests in both societies had imperfections and there were well developed conflicts in both. Considering that some of the paranormal characters had the ability to persuade and affect emotions, it was hard to decipher who Addie could trust. Her friends Laila and Duke appeared to be self-centered; whereas, Trevor simply seemed to be hiding something.  As such, the complexity of the problems presented left me contemplating Addie’s best course of action. Just when I thought that I knew how the story would end, there was a slight twist that left me pleasantly surprised. 
I really liked it. I would recommend it.


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