Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Ink by Amanda Sun

Ink (Paper Gods, #1)Title:Ink (Click title for Synopsis)
Source/Format: Won, Paperback
Age Range: YA
Publisher/Publication Date: Harlequin Teen

My Thoughts:

     Oh it may have taken me some time to get this review up, but here it is.  Set against the intoxicatingly unique backdrop of Japan, Ink by Amanda Sun is easily one of my favorite books of the year.  The mythology, the plot, the characters—I liked basically everything about this book!  Sun did an incredible job of capturing the Japanese culture at its best. 

      Ink is Katie Greene’s story as she struggled to adjust to her life in Japan after the untimely death of her mother.  Some of the insecurities described throughout the book were spot-on, and very believable considering the situation.  I liked seeing Katie grow over time as she became more accustomed to her life in Japan.  Tomohiro was definitely one of the more complex characters in Ink.  On one hand he would do something so coldhearted that you wondered if he really was a bad guy, but on another hand he would do something so sweet that he made you want to like him.  Tomohiro was a character who was loyal, and thought about what was best for others before what was best for him.  Katie’s friends, Yuki and Tanaka, were also nice additions to the story.

      The plot moved along at an even pace, with major plot-points placed in key spots in the book.  It was a setup that I liked since it kept me reading until two in the morning just so I could finish it.  Another aspect about Ink that I really enjoyed was how it pointed out the everyday struggles of someone who was trying to assimilate into a foreign society—with the language barriers, as well as the traditions. Considering how much I liked Ink, I can’t wait for book two to come out. {Actual rating is 4.5}  

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