Thursday, October 2, 2014

Falling into Fall {#1}

    This is just an introduction post, so there won’t be much to it. But I'm pretty sure none of its going to be book related. Well, it’s officially fall—hooray for cooler weather—right?  Well it sucks since I’m in California so it’s still hot at the moment, but whatever. Falling into Fall is an idea I had since I wanted to share about some of  the things I want to do and/or are planning to do. It’s going to run from today until the end of November.  It will only be posted on every other Thursday—dates below—surrounding one or more topics. 

  • October 2 (Today)
  • October 16
  • October 30
  • November 13
  • November 27
     When fall is mentioned I generally associate it with several things: the cooler weather, Halloween, food, family time, crafts, new book releases, and sweaters.  Except I won't be wearing sweaters until it cools down a little more, but everything else is alright. So what are you doing to fall into the fall season?

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