Monday, November 6, 2017

Music Monday (32): Purity Ring

  • Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren Stoolfire at Always Me that asks you to share one or two songs that you've recently enjoyed. For the rules, visit the page HERE 
Breana: It’s been some time since I lasted participated in Music Monday, but I honestly haven’t had any new songs to share. However, this past week, I’ve been listened to Google Play Music again and have discovered some new music by a familiar artist that I want to share.

I haven’t listened to Purity Ring (the band) since their 2012 album, Shrines, which is one of my favorites in the electronic (electropop/synthpop) genre. I’m actually a little surprised that I missed the release of their second album, Another Eternity, back in 2015. Suffice it to say, I’ve been listening to Another Eternity all weekend. I really love the sound of the album and it does remind me a little of Grimes’s Art Angel album, but it’s still unique. A couple of songs in particular are my favorite. My first pick is Begin Again. I love everything about this song, and the beat sounds particularly fantastic with headphones on.

My second pick is Repetition, which is the song I heard while listening to Google Play Music. Without Repetition I might have continued to overlook Another Eternity altogether.

Have you discovered any new music this week?


  1. How lovely, totally new to me!

    Here's mine:

  2. I haven't listened to this group in ages - thanks for the reminder and thanks for linking up!


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