Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Favorite Recipe: Tortillas

Besides birthday cakes, I did some other baking. So far I’ve made cookies, cheesecake, brownies and other dishes/desserts. Most of those recipes are ones I’ve talked about before, except for tortillas. Everyone else on my twitter and Instagram timelines is out there making sourdough bread, and here I am over here just making tortillas (sadly, I don’t have any sourdough starter…). This Homemade Tortilla recipe from The Brewer & The Baker is my current go-to recipe for making tortillas.
(Note: I use a modified version of this recipe, which I tested out the ingredient amounts for over time until it suited my needs. However, I recommend sticking to the recipe before making any adjustments, because it’s fine the way it is. I also only use cooking oil or Olive oil when I make them, instead of shortening or butter….)

Tortillas, for me, have been a pretty forgiving type of bread to make. There’s no yeast involved, and the rest time is short compared to other bread types. This recipe is quick and easy, and the results always have a great taste.

(Note: I use a countertop griddle to cook mine, but I’ve also made them in a skillet on the stove.)
One thing I adhere to when making tortillas, is to keep them covered. They can seem a little stiff or crunchy around thinner edges when they come off the pan. But letting them sit covered and in their own steam, really softens them up.

I had two uses for these: for tacos and for pizza. For tacos, I make them a little smaller so there was more of them. When I made them for pizzas, I divided the dough four ways and rolled them to be vaguely-rectangular in shape—around personal pan size. (Note: I cooked the tortillas before putting the toppings on them, and the only other cooking I did after that was to broil it in the oven on the lowest setting to melt the cheese. It comes out like a thin-crust pizza.)

What have you been baking recently? If you found any good recipes, leave your recommendations in the comments.
**(This post was written in early May)**


  1. baking? do you do that in the kitchen? it's been a long time since i've baked or cooked. i am so lucky that mr wonderful does all the shopping and kitchen duties, other than cleaning. sometimes he even does that. i do love mexican food and eat a lot of tacos so i'll be sharing this with him
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I don't know why I always thought making refried beans was hard to do, but it really is very simple. I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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