Monday, January 5, 2015

Musing Mondays (16)

     Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading, that asks you to muse about something book related each week.

My Musings for the week...

     This is the first Musing Mondays post of 2015, hooray! As you can see above I changed the old banner during my vacation so that it matched with the header of Our Thoughts Precisely—and it was missing a dash of blue. So, for this Musing Monday’s I'm going to briefly discuss the Goodreads Reading Challenge. So what is it? Basically, you can set a goal on Goodreads pertaining to the amount of books you want to read in a year, as a sort of challenge for yourself.

     Will I participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge? 

     No, I won’t be participating in the Reading Challenge this year. I’ve never done so, and I don’t think I ever will.

     Why not?

     I think the simple reason is that I read a random number of books each year—and setting a goal won’t help with that. When I read, it solely depends on what I feel like doing at the time.  For me, I almost feel like I would get through books considerably slower if I set a goal with a specific number, because my enthusiasm wouldn't be there.  As you can see with my 2015: Blogger Resolutions post, all of my goals for the year are pretty open ended.  There's no specific amount for any of them.  They are relatively flexible goals.

     Any final thoughts on the Goodreads Reading Challenge?

     I think the challenge is good for some people and not for others. For me, well, I’m on the not-so-much side.

     Question: What are your thoughts on the Goodreads Reading Challenge? Does setting a goal help you read more or less?

*Check back next Monday for my list of Most Anticipated 2015 New Releases. (Hint: It's going to be short.)


  1. I am doing the challenge but I won;t be setting a goal as high as last year because I don't want reading to become a chore. But I will say that for me, the goal is an incentive to read more. I am so competitive, even against myself!

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I like to hear from both sides of the argument. :D

  2. I've set the goodreads challenge (as I did for the last two years) but not so much to help me read more but as a way to keep track as I have a read off with a friend which is far more fun as we check in on which books we are reading (and sharing) as we go - this way when she asks me what number I'm up to I have the answer ready. What I couldn't do is other types of challenges that prescribe what sort of book to read, that would feel like far too much hard work for me. Great musing post for the start of 2015.

    1. I also agree that challenges with set guidelines might not be the best for certain people, because if the type isn't something you want to read at the moment it could make things difficult. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm participating in reading challenges on my blog, but not the GoodReads Challenge. Like you, I pretty much read what I want, when I want. Reading goals have not helped me read more books. My crazy life has helped me reader fewer. I gave up hosting the majority of book tours because I don't want to be on that tight of a schedule.

    Hope your blog does well this year.

    1. Reading challenges on the blog might be fun, but mostly I enjoy reading when I do so at random. Thanks for your input! :D


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