Monday, September 28, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (Take 2)

Oh man, I completely forgot to do this post. Well better late than never! I've done this tag before but I'm going to do it again because I absolutely love these questions. So, a huge thank you to Ria @Lilac Diaries for nominating me and coming up with the questions!

First the rules...

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their website
2. Use the award logo on your post
3. Answer the 10 questions provided by the blogger who tagged you
4. Nominate 10 bloggers
5. Ask them 10 questions

What got you into reading?

It was a long time ago and it was out of necessity (for school), but then I just started to enjoy reading more and I wanted to get to as many great stories as possible.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I like cover art but I don't judge a book based solely off of that (It could look like the prettiest thing in the world but the story might not be something I'm looking for). Usually I look at the synopsis first and consider it for a while before I even decide to read it.

What do you love the most about blogging? 

Being able to share my thoughts about books is pretty fun, plus I've discovered a lot of great novels that I wouldn't have normally picked up.

How did you come up with your blog title?

My co-blogger and I decided on the title because it sounded catchy (plus it was short and to the point).

Do you collect bookish items? Which is your favorite item, then?

Actually, I don't really collect bookish items (well besides books and bookmarks), but I do love my sketchbook with all of the quotes on, uh, I guess it counts.

Have you ever wished to have a super power? What did you wish for?

If I could have any super power it would be Teleportation, because it would make moving a whole lot easier if I could just move things from point A to point B in a matter of seconds. *Sigh* Sadly, its just wishful thinking.

Which is your favorite Christmas book/novel/novella/short story?

I don't have one (yet), but I do want to read the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Because why not? I've seen the movie(s) and really want to see how the book is.

Have you ever wished to live in a fantasy world? If yes, which one would you choose? (like Hogwarts, Austen world, The Hobbit, Alice's Wonderland, The land of OZ etc).

Well a lot of the ones I've read about make me cringe, because, you know, they're pretty terrible most of the time (but totally interesting to read about). However, I would visit the version of Wonderland from A.G. Howard's Splintered. Take into account that I said I would visit, because I certainly wouldn't live there.

Did you hear about J.K. Rowling's tweet mentioning Harry Potter's son, James's first year at Hogwarts. What do you think of it? Are you excited?

What is this? I have not heard of it! Somehow, someway I've missed that news. *quietly googles it* Oh, ok, yeah, it is pretty exciting.

'Happily ever after' exists only in books. Is it true? What do you think of it?

Who knows, but I think it could exist depending on the circumstances (I'm choosing the most optimistic answer).

So I'm just going to break rules 4 and 5. I'm not nominating any blogger specifically and I don't have any questions right now. Anyway, happy reading!

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  1. Hey! liked your answers. Seems like, everyone wants 'teleportation' or 'invisibility' as super power.:D

    Well, I have nominated you for Liebster Award now. Find my post here>>

    Happy Reading!


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