Friday, June 25, 2021

I Listened to 2000AND4EVA by Bree Runway

There has been a trend in music lately where some familiar sounds from the eighties, nineties, and early two thousands are being revisited. Yet not just revisited, but also given a fresh spin. You can find it with Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, and Laura Mvula’s latest singles to name a few. One mixtape that I’ve been listening to that also follows that trend is Bree Runway’s 2020 album: 2000AND4EVA. As the name of it suggests, this mixtape is peak early two thousands energy, and I love it.

Bree Runway has a track record of always delivering catchy hits like What Do I Tell My Friends, Big Racks featuring Brook Candy, 2ON, and All Night. 2000AND4EVA follows in those footsteps. With nine songs, the mixtape takes a twenty-one minute drive through music from the last decade. Yet it doesn’t feel stale. Bree Runway’s vocals are great here, and I enjoyed the full track list. The theme of the mixtape came through strongest in songs like Damn Daniel featuring Yung Baby Tate, both versions of LITLLE NOKIA, Rolls Royce, and ATM featuring Missy Elliott.

My overall impression of 2000AND4EVA is a positive one. It’s a strong collection of music from Bree Runway, and if you’ve liked music from this artist before then you won’t be disappointed with this one. 

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