Sunday, October 31, 2021

Thought Corner: Halloween Art #2

Breana’s comments: Hello, hi, and welcome to the second and last part of the ultra-mini art challenge Adri and I are doing in the month of October. It’s also the 31st. So, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a good day, and now on to today’s theme.

Today’s prompt: Pumpkin (or Jack-O-Lantern), jelly bean, and or sour gummy worm dinner

Breana’s comments: I knew what I wanted to do the second we decided on this one. My inspiration for it was a steak dinner. I wanted to incorporate all three options onto the platter. My two favorite shades of blue colored pencils also make an appearance on this one.

Adri’s comments:
I think I was hungry when we did this one. My first thought was stuffed bell peppers and canned cranberry sauce. So, for dinner I chose Jelly bean stuffed pumpkin with a side of gummy worms and sour gummy worm sauce. I wanted this to be murkier and somewhat moody, so I planned to mix colors with gray. But, in the end, I ended up with something brighter. And yes, more gold acrylic.

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