Friday, August 12, 2022

I Listened to Supernova by Nova Twins

I first listened to Nova Twins shortly after their debut album, Who Are the Girls? was released. My first real thought was I like the noise, and I like it loud! It was this thought that came back when I heard the singles they released from Supernova; especially Antagonist, Puzzles, and Choose Your Fighter. I just knew I was going to love the album.

With the exhilarating intro Power, most of the album consist of their typical hard hitting guitar and bass (plus drums). Also typical are their grungy vocals for their dark and somber lyrics. Just take a look at K.M.B or A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful. And then it ends with the softer sounding  Sleep Paralysis. Over all, I really like Supernova. And while I know who the girls are now, I’m definitely excited for whatever is in Nova Twin’s future.

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