Friday, March 22, 2013

Movie Review: The Host

The HostTitle: The Host (2013) (A movie based on a novel written by Stephenie Meyer, for more information about the movie click the title)
Director/ Screenplay by: Andrew Niccol
Music: Antonio Pinto
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: March 29, 2013
For more information about the book, visit the Goodreads page: The Host (Click title for Synopsis)

My Thoughts:

I attended an Open Road's advanced screening of The Host.
     I was pretty excited to see The Host movie early, and after I watched the trailer I had high hopes for the movie.  It’s not that it fell flat, but it was more of a satirical take on a love story.  Right away, the relationships between the characters seemed to take the forefront in the movie.  The plot follows Melanie, who after being caught, is taken over by Wanderer, an alien.  Immediately there is trouble, which leads to Wanderer leaving the comfort and safety of the city after a split-second decision.  This decision takes the two on a journey.  I liked that it dealt with things such as self-discovery in a seemingly idealist, but totalitarian society.  As well as what matters most like life, love, friendship, and family.  Melanie and Wanderer also dealt with inner-conflicts that were often times at odds with each other as the movie progressed.  Still, this was a Sci-Fi movie, as is evident by the aliens who were trying to take over mankind.  Another thing that made this movie different from the others was the premise of how the “souls” assimilated into society.  There were bits and pieces of action placed throughout the movie, but I felt like the pace could have been a little faster.  There were also light and humorous moments that filled some of the void. Overall, I liked the movie and if there’s ever a sequel I might see it.  I also look forward to reading the book to see if some of the plot holes from the movie are explained.   
     What do you think?  Do you plan on seeing the movie?  If so, what are you looking forward to?


  1. time pass movie... good to go when you want to spend time with someone very special movie is slow and calm and moreover go for morning show if your running out of money you can get the show in 100 bucks that's what it worth.....

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I agree with you, going to see The Host is a good way to pass the time. :)


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