Monday, August 28, 2017

Music Monday (30): Black Eyed Peas, Disclosure and Lion Babe

  • Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren Stoolfire at Always Me that asks you to share one or two songs that you've recently enjoyed. For the rules, visit the page HERE 

Breana: Lately, I’ve gone back and listened to a lot of favorite songs that I haven’t thought of in years. The last time I participated in Music Monday, I talked about Rock Angelz. Well, from there, I’ve gone back to Monkey Business by Black Eyed Peas, Lincoln Park, Christina Agulara, and even Gwen Stefani. Anyway, I’m here to talk about The Black Eyed Peas. Back in 2005 Monkey Business was my go-to music. No playlist, just the album. It’s hard to believe that Monkey Business has been out for twelve years already. My first pick is Disco Club. To this day, Disco club still has one of the catchiest beats I’ve ever heard. There’s something kind of groovy about this song. I love it.

 My second pick is Don’t Lie. After all these years, Don't Lie is still one of my favorite songs from the Monkey Business Album.

Adri:I have a small confession. There are moments in time that I don’t listen to music, at least not like that. When start listening to music again, the first thing I put in the search bar is my pick for Music Mondays: Hourglass by Disclosure featuring Lion Babe. Not only do I love this song but when I found it, I also found a new artist.

What are you listening to this week?


  1. No idea how but I don't recognize any of these, and I feel like I should totally remember Monkey Business...

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. The only reason why I'm still familiar with Monkey Business is because I have the album on iTunes. I have to scroll past it to get to other albums I frequently listen to. Thanks for stopping by!


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