Wednesday, April 10, 2024

I Listened to World Wide Whack by Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is one of my favorite artists. She is creative and unafraid to experiment and take risks with her music—i.e. her debut album, Whack World (2018), had fifteen songs and none of them were longer than one minute in length. So, when Tierra Whack is involved, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. And with that, welcome back to the music minded corner of Our Thoughts Precisely!

Don’t let the cheery, quirky, and colorful imagery—or its most lighthearted tracks like Shower Song and Moovies—fool you. Tierra Whack’s new album, World Wide Whack, released on March fifteenth, is a deep, contemplative body of work that often approaches (and examines) darker topics—think depression and so forth. It opens with Mood Swing, setting the tone for what’s next. And then it transitions into tracks like Ms Behave, Difficult, and Numb, before ending with 27 Club—which really drove home the themes and statements present on the album.

Tierra Whack’s production is always quite interesting to take a look at, and it’s a highlight of the album. She can catch a beat when rapping (Ms Behave, Snake Eyes, and X), and the background music perfectly meshed with her vocals and, ultimately, suited the tone of any given track, even if it didn’t seem like it would work.

As far as second albums go, World Wide Whack is an excellent one.

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