Friday, April 26, 2024

What I've Been Listening To

There has been so much music lately and, between backlist albums and releases from last year I missed, I’m here again with another “What I’ve Been Listening To.” And with that, welcome back to the music minded corner of Our Thoughts Precisely!


If there has been one group that’s come up in my recommendations multiple times in the past, it would be Måneskin, an Italian rock band. Originally released on January 20, 2023, their album Rush! was reissued in a deluxe version in November last year, called Rush! (Are U Coming?), adding five additional songs. I haven’t explored much of their discography yet, but I listened to this one. I love a good rock album and, when it comes to what I was looking for, Rush! (Are U Coming) ticked a lot of boxes. The guitar solos were fun, and there wasn’t a single point where it felt repetitive. Each song had its own thing going for it, and that’s what I loved most about it. I also like the songs added with the deluxe version, so it opens with Honey (Are U Coming?)—one of my favorites—instead of Own My Mind. But it also added Valentine, a soulful rock ballad accompanied by a black and white music video, and Trastevere, an acoustic track that’s in the same vein as the former. All in all, Rush! (Are U Coming?) was an excellent album.

Moving on, I also checked out Qveen Herby’s most recent EP (extended play). To date, Housewife is one of my favorite bodies of work by Herby, on the same level as Halloqveen (2021). It’s still in her usual style of music, a blend of singing and rapping, but I enjoyed the production—how the beats were arranged—as well as the feature by Oli VVV (which added another layer to the track.) Housewife was another strong EP release from Qveen Herby!

Last but not least, is the BB/ANG3L Experience by Tinashe. This one isn’t a new release per say, since, after all, it is a dance performance that goes with BB/ANG3L. It is a nice way to experience the album outside of its music videos, and it does play around with some of the beats, for example the one for Needs.

Some singles that have made it to my playlist include: In Your Hands by Halle, Overcompensate by Twenty One Pilots, Some Type of Skin by Aurora, Made For Me by Muni Long, Next Semester by Twenty One Pilots, and Saturn by SZA.

That’s all from me for today!

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