Friday, July 1, 2022

Quarterly Recap: April-June

It’s July, so it’s time for the second quarterly recap of 2022. As always, I’m starting with the reviews that have appeared on Our Thoughts Precisely in the last three months.
April Reviews:
May Reviews:
June Reviews:
Other April Posts:
Other May Posts:
Other June Posts:
Looking ahead, I don’t have any plans. I was exposed to someone who had covid and, at the beginning of June, I got sick. I’m feeling better now, but the whole thing just kind of derailed my month.

As for upcoming posts, I’m reviewing two of my most anticipated releases of this month and a recent (and favorite) nonfiction read. And, for later in July, there will be a post dedicated to Dawn FM by The Weeknd. Also, Adri is taking over one of the Friday weekly memes post, as well as talking about one of her favorite bands.  

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