Thursday, October 1, 2020

Quarterly Recap: July-September

It’s hard to believe it’s already October, but it’s already time for the next quarterly recap. Today, I’m going to go over the reviews and other posts that have appeared on the blog between July and September.
July Reviews
August Reviews
September Reviews
Other July Posts
Other August Posts
Other September Posts

2020 has been an unpredictable year, so I’m not making any concrete plans. I’m going to skip right to some of the posts that will appear on the blog this month. Starting on October tenth, I’m going to share some Halloween themed art from my sketchbook. I read the fifth volume of The Case Study of Vanitas in September, so there will be a review for that. I’m also reviewing The Sisters of Straygarden Place and The Eternal City later in this month. I also read an ARC of Tales From the Hinterland, and I really enjoyed it. The review for it will be posted closer to the release date, which isn’t until next year. However, if you enjoyed The Hazel Wood duology, then I recommend Tales From the Hinterland.   

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